Meet your personal pack-mule, adventure seeker, and documenter of authentic, candid moments.

On a more personal note

My name is Brandi, but some call me B; welcome to my neck of the woods! I've been capturing pure candid moments since 2010, when I started as my high school's yearbook photographer and accidentally grew a photo business. Fueled by coffee, tear-jerking tender touches, unspoken words, and soft giggles, I am a documentary photographer who loves to bridge vision with real-life moments. As soon as I dipped my toes into the waters of intimate weddings and elopements, the current swept me away. Believe me when I say your wedding day goes by quickly and even faster amidst the chaos accompanying a traditional wedding. 

Iā€™m here to tell you: It's okay to prioritize your values and vision as you plan your next big adventure together. So when that day comes, you can sink your teeth into every uninterrupted moment as you commit yourselves to one another. I aim to encourage and inspire you to create a day full of love, adventure and being present. 

meet brandi

meet brandi

05. If it doesn't have onions on it, I'm probably disappointed 

04. We're building a hobby farm over here

01. Call me crazy, but overcast 45F days are my favorite

02. Husky mama to two howling hounds 

03. best trip was thru-hiking Isle Royale 

Random Facts

I'll give you the campfire version another time, but here's the short of it

Life has taken me down some extraordinary trails, landing me here in Duluth, Minnesota. I grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where sunrises on a paddle board are unmatched. While photography has long been my side hustle (and heart), I can't get enough of sinking my hands in the dirt to grow food. I have my B.S. in Human Biology with an emphasis on Nutrition, and I love teaching people about their food in a garden setting. I've worked in the educational garden and farm settings in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and Montana. Now my partner and I are building our own hobby farm dream. With two Wile E. Coyotes in tow, we yearn for family adventures on the trail and water. 

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Illinois, Iowa Wisconsin, Washington 

Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado, Iowa

Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Alabama

Illinois, Wisconsin





Isle Royale, Minnesota, Wisconsin


Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Montana

Montana, BWCA,  Porcupine Mountains





Minnesota, Wisconsin

Minnesota, Porcupine Mountains 

Minnesota, Washington Island Wisconsin, 

Minnesota, Wisconsin