The map for intimate adventure weddings and elopements has barely been written, so you have the chance to create something that’s truly unique. It’s time to plot your trail points and trust your instincts by kicking off your next big adventure in life together.

Adventure elopement packages

Worried that your wedding day won’t look like YOUR wedding day?

I understand the worry of your day not honoring you both as a couple; the feeling when you look back at the images thinking, ‘who the heck are these people?’ I’m all about getting to know nitty gritty details about my couples. When your inquiry hits my inbox, I will dive right into finding out more about your hobbies, interests, and anything and everything that makes up the unique love that you share together. I’ll help you create a mood board to get us all on the same page regarding your values and vision. I will help plan props, locations, outfits, and anything else you may need. I'll even carry all your shit to make sure you're comfortable and relaxed during your session!

I get it; I understand that feeling of being obligated to make your family happy. Especially if your elopement means they aren’t involved. But you’ve got to decide whether pleasing everyone else is worth looking back on your images, knowing it’s not what you wanted. Your day is about the big adventure you two will embark on together, and it only happens once. I'm here to encourage and inspire you to do what truly feels authentic. I have tips, advice and all the support on breaking the news and trusting your instincts, whatever those might be. You have my endless support. 

I will help you create a timeline (A & B), pull permits, select locations, ensure you eat and hydrate. I have outdoor experience and always travel with proper equipment to help ensure safety (i.e. Garmin inreach). I download + print maps I have a medical-grade first aid kit and my partner who often accompanies me is an ER doctor with NOLS Wilderness First Responder training. I always have bear spray on the trail, practice and support Leave No Trace Principles, I have proper water filtering equipment for backcountry trips. I also respect park permitting and ensure that proper permits are pulled for where we plan to be. You name it; I’m prepared for it! 

Just because you opt for a small intimate wedding or elopement doesn't mean it needs to be something short and sweet. You have the whole damn day to do whatever the hell you want that makes you guys happy! You can kick off the day with coffee at sunrise, hike/backpack to your special location(s), say your vows, eat a kick-ass private meal with beautiful views, have a campfire, and fall asleep under the stars. Trust me; I will ensure you savor every precious minute of your big day doing something that brings you joy.

Depending on what state you're planning your wedding in, you may not need an officiant (Wisconsin is one of them)! Each state has its own set of rules. I can help you navigate the waters if things get too murky. Something to consider is having a loved one get ordained for your wedding.

The beautiful thing about intimate weddings and elopements is that there isn't a rule book. You're only confined by the regulations of any trails or park. However, if you're leaning towards an adventurous elopement, I wouldn't invite more than 10-15 people for logistics. Alternative ideas for integrating people into your wedding experience include a private vow ceremony followed by a group reception dinner; loved ones helping you get ready; loved ones chauffeuring you to your adventure spots; celebration breakfast the following day. There are many options to include people on your day, and I’m here to help you find the best option. 

No matter what plan you’ve set a course for on your day, here’s what’s included in each adventure wedding and elopement package:

High-res downloads of beautifully hand-edited images to share and print

Collaborative mood boarding to dial in your interests and vision

Midwest Northwoods Location Guide for your BIG adventure

Complimentary engagement session

timeline planning to make sure there's enough for all the things that matter

Sneak peek gallery within 24-48 hours

Travel fees covered for Minnesota, Michigan's Upper Peninsula & Wisconsin

Take a deep breath, exhale the awkward forced smiles and inhale the smell of the forest, or the sea, or the mountains, or… well, whatever the heck you want! 

This season of life is undoubtedly chaotic as you start to create your wedding day vision; with many ideas and even more things to plan, it can seem like a lot. Picking a photographer to document your day is only part of it, just another thing on your list to worry about, or so you think. I try to make things stress-free by keeping things simple. Who wants to spend their whole wedding day pulling forced smiles and trying to get a picture with each family member? 

Even though I help clients create a timeline and shot list for their day, if your timeline gets derailed because you’re living in the moment with the love of your life, then HECK YEAH, GOOD FOR YOU. I’m all about making sure everything is planned so we can capture your dream day, but I’m also here for not running around and jumping through hoops to make it happen but rather embracing your day and going with the natural flow of things so you have the best fricking day ever. 

I tend towards a relaxed documentary style of photography, and while I do give gentle guidance, I really want couples to do their own thing and let the natural chemistry unfold

If your wedding backpack is feeling a little heavy, then let me take out the planning, the timeline, the research, the backup plans, the weather worries and any ‘oh shit’ things that come up. You just grab your boots and get ready for a love-fuelled adventure

I have a lot in my toolkit to ensure that your special day moves smoothly and that your photos reflect every unique detail artistically. I start by familiarizing myself with your love story, values, and wedding day dreams and then create a detailed timeline with photo opportunities. I will then start researching locations and permits and establishing a backup weather plan. I will also be packing along key items that can remedy just about any “oh shit” wedding day situation; my goal is to help you sit back and enjoy your soon-to-be favorite adventure! Whether you're eloping on a mountain or saying your vows in your backyard, I can’t wait to be along as you start this next big adventure! Not sure what you're planning yet, but want to book an engagement? Fill out the same form below!

Wedding packages start at $2,185

The road map for the elopement of your dreams

step one

Fill out our intake questionnaire form to receive package details, what's in my tool kit, and more

step two

We'll set a time to chat (phone, coffee, dinner, zoom, whatever), to go over my workflow, answer any questions you may have and to see if we're a good fit.

step three

Sign a contract to lock in your wedding date and engagement session

step four

Collaborate on a mood board for your engagement and receive engagement outfit advice

step five

Create a wedding timeline and pull necessary permits

step six

Let's create some beautiful art together

step seven

Ugly cry at your 24-hour sneak peek turnaround

step eight

Receive your gallery (2 weeks for a standard session, 4-6 weeks for a wedding).

Let me shed a little light on some questions you may have about adventure elopements

Whether it’s a portrait, wedding, or branding session, your narrative is at the core. I encourage you to think about things you're most passionate about, what gets you out of bed in the morning, what makes your heart feel light; if you were to tell someone one thing about yourself, what would it be? Reflect on this, and then work with me to create a custom mood board to inspire your session. 

When selecting outfits for your session, I recommend avoiding neon-coloured/bright-coloured clothes. These colors can reflect unwanted color changes to the skin. Instead, I recommend neutral colors (black, white, grays, browns, soft/muted colors). Avoid complicated and fine-detail patterns. This styled clothing can detract from the main subject (you). Adding layers and different textures can be a compelling and easy way to elevate your photos. They can add a little extra oomph to your final look and give you something to play around and have fun with while diversifying your final album.

Travel fees are covered for Minnesota, Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and Wisconsin. I charge the national reimbursement rate of $0.57 per mile for further distances where my personal vehicle is being used. For destination sessions, clients are responsible for reimbursing my cost of airfare, lodging (if I do not have connections in the area), and vehicle rental.

Within 24-48 hours of your session, you should receive a sneak peek album with highlights to scratch your itch. My turn-around time is usually between 1-4 weeks depending on the album size (i.e., wedding versus mini session) and the time of year/workload. Expect a longer turn-around between the months of May-September for the wedding season. Customers can inquire about the possibility of rushed priority for their album and the associated fee. The decision for rushed priority is based on my workload, and comfort and confidence in providing the highest quality album possible. If I believe the quality of the final album will be compromised based on the timeline, I will not agree to the upgrade.

If you misplaced your final album, don’t fret! Customers since 2019 can count on their albums being backed up. Customers before 2019 may be in luck. However, I cannot guarantee that I can replace their album. The redistribution fee for lost albums is $30, and clients can use digital downloads or a wooden USB stick with digitals. 

While having my portfolio reviewed by a highly respected photographer at a WPPI conference years ago, I was told that my name was confusing and that I should consider rebranding. It seemed “too much like a clothing brand or blog”. Roots Revival was chosen intentionally because I felt it related to my lifestyle. I’m an adventure-loving lass who tries to stay connected to the Earth. So to me, Roots Revival means reviving our connection to our roots and getting out into nature. I want to share this experience and lifestyle with others, and what better way to create fun photos than by playing on nature’s playground? 

This is a real-life example of how you can forge your own path to celebrate your love story authentically 

A past couple couldn't commit to an elopement because of the thought of hurting their family by not having them involved. The first time I met them was at a coffee shop to go over their wedding vision and answer any questions they had. Our conversation got derailed and before we knew it we were talking about some of our favorite backpacking trips and paddling spots. They revealed that they dreamed of eloping but couldn't follow through. I said "Why not a destination engagement session instead?". A few weeks later, they flew halfway across the country to meet me in Washington while I was on a road trip to have the session of their dreams at Mount Rainier National Park. 

When we arrived at the basecamp for Tolmie Peak, we set up our tents at a first-come-first-serve campsite. They hopped into elopement-styled clothing and loaded their packs. When we reached the top, the sun was about to start setting. I had packed a block of cheese, apple, dried apricots, crackers, and nuts (literally any misc. food I had in my car), and we made this kick-ass cheese board. They picnicked, popped some champagne, and soaked up the paradise. Once the sun set, we threw on our headlamps and returned down the mountain. See more of this gallery and read the field notes over on the blog!

Your adventure elopement or engagement session doesn’t have to fit into any guidelines or tick any boxes; it can just be you on a wild adventure with the love of your life.