15 Items to Prep for Wedding Flat-lay Photos

Make the Most of Your Wedding Photo Investment

You’re investing to preserve your special moments and I bet you want every little detail captured. You can set your wedding photographer up for success by starting on the right foot with being organized for your flat-lay photos.

Have you ever walked into a wedding suite to bare witness to what seems like the aftermath of a tornado? From subway wrappers and coffee cups to makeup and jewelry, it’s like you’ve just entered the bedroom of a middle schooler’s slumber party. From a creator’s stand point, the place is a nightmare. While many photographer’s try to quietly document the day non-intrusively, there are situations that demand attention to detail, and intentional curating. Let’s be real, who wants a half eaten sandwich hanging out in the background of their getting ready photos? At this moment, not only is photographer trying to tidy up distracting items out of frame, but they’re trying to locate all the meaningful items that deserve to be documented in the form of flat-lays.

What are Flat-lay Photos?

Flat-lay photos are made up by the key items that you carefully chose for your wedding day. Usually these items are displayed together for some photos since they may not be as noticeable at other times of the day. This is a nice way to remember some of the finer details of your wedding, especially if you don’t plan on keeping things forever. These photos can be easy and quick to take in comparison to the value that they offer. Be sure your photographer has time allotted for these photos in your wedding photo schedule.

Be Organized

These photos really only need to take a few minutes. The key to making sure these photos take as little time as possible is to be organized. My best advice is set aside a small box when you’re packing for your wedding to house all your important flat-lay-worthy items so they’re set for your photographer the moment they walk into your room. If you keep items together it will keep your photographer’s workflow focused and stream lined so they’re not combing your suite to find them. You really want them to be able to focus their attention on the little moments that are unfolding instead. 

15 items to prep for your flat-lay detail photos:

  1. Engagement announcement and wedding invitation
  2. Vows or letters (this is one of my fav vow books)
  3. Nice hanger for your wedding attire
  4. Rings (and boxes)
  5. Shoes
  6. Lipstick
  7. Perfume or cologne
  8. Bouquet/boutonniere (and floral trimmings–be sure to ask your florist for these!)
  9. Pocket square or handkerchief
  10. Garter
  11. Jewelry/watch
  12. Cufflinks
  13. Dress socks
  14. Tie
  15. Special items for styling (ie: serving platter, book, map, ribbon)

Having these items organized will not only earn the praise of your photographer, but reduce your stress the day of, because you’ll know where everything is! Don’t let this list limit your flat-lay photos. Plan to include anything that feels authentic to you and your boo.

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