Welcome to the blog full of adventurous love stories as well as fulled to the brim of tips, guides and resources for your next adventure.

Intimate Wedding

Hey, hi, howdy! I’m Brandi, the laid-back, outdoorsy, go-with-the-flow, always packed for the "just in case" photographer around these parts.

On a more personal note

I believe your wedding should look however the hell you want it to. I'm here not only as your photographer but as your personal pack mule, the offerer of advice and ideas, and supplier of whatever junk is in my trunk to help your day move comfortably. Last but not least, I consider myself a safeguarder of the boundaries and rules you have to kick off for your big once-in-a-lifetime adventure together.  When I'm not chasing love stories, I'm chasing sunrises, two howling huskies, and my best friend, wherever the wind takes us. We're building our Northwoods hobby farm dream. 

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meet brandi

meet brandi